The Revolution Begins.

Johnny D. Some will love this, others will curse it as blasphemy.  Regardless, it’s the gospel according to me. The best way to describe my intention with this blog, is to tell you something my father in law once told me.  He said “Sean, you would be a great politician, but a bad diplomat”.  Translation; you are great with people and a very personable individual and for those of you that know me, or will get to know me you will see I love life, and love conversing with and getting to know people, but when someone needs to be told they are a prick, or someone is blowing a lot of hot air, I’m the first fella to let them know were not filling balloons.  My father in law is a smart guy.

That being said, I introduce this first post with a thought, and a little insight into my world and my head.  More like a crazy history lesson….  In 1931 about 2 years after black Tuesday a man in New York City (GREATEST CITY EVER! gospel according to me) decided to embark on one of the most ambitious commercial real estate projects in the history of America.  This “nut job” as he was labeled,  decided that he would spend millions and millions of dollars to build 14 buildings for commercial, residential, and retail real estate.  Did I mention this brilliant plan was conceived during the wost financial crisis the world had ever seen?  Well….. a few years later after employing over 75,000 people and creating a New York City landmark, Mr. John D. Rockefeller Jr., the sole funding source for this development, now known as Rockefeller Center /Plaza and laughed.

He laughed because people thought he was nuts.  He laughed because while others were running away, he was running in.  He laughed because he became one of the LARGEST real estate holders in New York City during the worst possible time to do anything other than cry, and his families name and fortune continues to live today.

The Rockefeller Revolution is laughing.  The RR is laughing because a window has been opened.  The same window that opened on black Tuesday.  The same window that allowed John D. to create a real estate empire.

I have never been one for conformity.  Not that I’m looking to intentionally be a ball buster, but the reality is this.  We are living in a time that is exactly the same as 1931.  The market sucks.  Businesses are folding, money is practically useless, our leaders cant figure out what the hell to do, and every person that reads the papers, or watches the news is paralyzed with fear.  The same fear that swept the nation almost 80 years ago. This is why we need a Revolution.

I’m not talking picket signs and lame rah rah chants, I’m talking a rising of individuals that want to change their life, and not confirm to what the fear and crap pushers (media) are selling.  Rockefeller was blessed with means, so his road was a bit less bumpy, but the last time I took the Hummer out in the mountains “charting” new territory, the most enjoyable part was when the wheels left the ground and it got a little “bumpy”.

This great window has been opened, and Billionaire’s are about to be born.   I believe the course that needs to be navigated to see this end is simple.  Some might laugh at this and say rubbish,,, Billionaire?  I cant fathom being a millionaire, let alone anything bigger.  I laugh and say history is our greatest asset, and undoubtedly our greatest teacher….


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