My mom is cooler than your mom.

Mama said knock you out...Just like the “proud parent” bumper sticker for the “I need to tell the jack off tailgating me that my kid is a dork in school” parent, I need to announce via this forum and not the bumper of my car “my mom is cooler than your mom”.  Some might debate this with me, but seeing how I have only been wrong once before, I’m taking this to the bank.  

This wonder of women always sends the perfect thought at the perfect time.  I received the following today via text:


I’m not sure if that is an insult towards my sole mistake, or if she is insinuating I’m superior, but either way it’s a fantastic statement, and one that really encompasses the true feeling I have towards life right now, and the reason for this blog.  Society, the media, our world and our education system, are not teaching or instructing how to stand as a beacon, but instead suggesting we follow someone else’s blazed trail, and do so by marching to the rhythmic beat of the complacency drum.  

I dont buy it.  Maybe it’s the ADD or ADHD, maybe it’s the voices ;), but I cant fathom how people in this day and age, when we have leaders dragging our great nation to the brink of implosion and all of us know it, why we dont have more people standing up calling a timeout, and demanding. Demanding what you ask?  Frankly I dont care what you demand, and I could rant for hours about what my demands are, such as a government that allows a person “stimulating” the economy such as myself by growing a business, creating new jobs etc, the chance to not be taxed as if I had a King sitting in my kitchen trying to collect unjustly from me.  But thats just the gospel according to a guy who barely graduated high school, what the hell do I know??…  

Listen.  You can not make mistakes if you are not taking risks, and if you’re not taking risks, you will never, ever be a beacon.


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One Response to My mom is cooler than your mom.

  1. summer says:

    I love to read this. I love your writing and I love to see this side of you. Good idea. keep it up.

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