The brilliant generation…

d00053151I just realized something.  I was at 5 guys burgers tonight head butting a delicious double burger with onions and mayo, and a glorious thing happened. 

You see, I married into an educated family.  Father-in-law, PHD.  Brother-in-law, Masters.  Brother-in-law, Masters.  Another brother-in-law, just got his masters at almost 40 years old.  Who does that??

I went to college, and took a heavy load of History 101, and Golf my first term.  If you cant ace golf you should kicked in the marbles. I’ve always been good at history, so of course it was another ace.  I registered for my second semester and took Science, English, History, and another round of golf (golf 102 this time. Much, much harder).  

 A week into the semester, I decided I had learned all I could from this institution and decided to retire from college.  So I did.  Dropped the classes, returned the books and have not been back since. So what’s so fantastic about that?  Sean, were you snorting the onions at 5 guys, or did you chug too much Mr. Pibb because as I see it you dropped out of college and only losers who will never amount to jack squat do that..  Listen.. I RETIRED from college, and as it stands right now I have a 4.0 GPA. So really putting all things aside, I am in the top percentile of students in the country with a perfect GPA during my illustrious college career.  

To that end, those who state “he cant be that smart, he didn’t go to school”, “Sean, if only you had gone to school, imagine the doors that could be opened”, I say to you as my favorite British amigo so eloquently states on a regular basis, bugger off.  I’m brilliant.  

Big shout out  to  Five Guys, fresh onions and the deliciously seasoned cajun fries..


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