Never Never Never Give Up….

Mertlich. Whalen. McGee

Last night a good friend of mine not only showed me, but showed millions of people around the world that you never give up on your dream.  Court McGee won his first fight in UFC on the UFC121 card in CA, by defeating the trash talking, choked out Ryan Jensen.  Ryan decided from day one to say that Court had nothing on him, had no good training partners, and was not even on the same level as he was.  Long story short, Court proved that you can run your mouth all day long, but guts, hard work, and a fierce drive can overcome any shortfall, lack of experience and most certainly commentary from those that have big mouths, little brains, and even smaller hearts.

I share this simply because Court has overcome so much in his life, and I feel I have a lot in common with him, and our lives in unique ways have many parallels.  As I live every day, I meet and find so many people that I have a lot in common with, and have been through the refiners fire in some cases many many times.  Both he and I were lost with who we were, and at a point had no real drive in life.  Both of us “experimented” with things that we thought would bring happiness, but eventually almost destroyed us. Both of us found great women who have been great foundations of strength.  Finally, we both have marbles the size of New Jersey, will push to the limits to reach our goals, and we both have passion for moving forward while others idle.

Everyone likes a good hero and everyone wants happiness.  Today I’m happy not only because the lord has blessed me with drive and desire to push my goals and ambitions forward, he has blessed me with a great family, a great business and partners, and I have been blessed with drive. I’m also happy today because a good friend has been blessed and is reaping the rewards of hard work, drive and determination.  Well done Court.



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