It’s a Love / Hate thing.. This time, I love!

Here is a problem I have.  Most every day of the week, I think the media are the perfect scam artists.  They pitch this and that, and what’s really sad, is most people believe what they see on the TV.  

Perfect example is this.  I invest heavily in tax deed, and bank foreclosures.  Sometimes called REO.  The media has the whole world believing Detroit is GHETTO, and that it’s DANGEROUS there, and a bad place to invest in real estate.  So me being me,2 weeks ago I hopped on a plane and flew out there to check it out myself. (I’ll blog about the trip soon)  FYI, I grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC, and had my first two years of High School there.  My high school had over 4000 white, asian, latino and black kids. A good portion of my friends growing up were black kids.  The reason I share this, is because I’m a 6’1, 190 lb. white guy.  According to the media, I should not be in Detroit, and sure as hell not in the GHETTO of Detroit.  

Not only did I drive through the worst parts of Detroit, I hopped out of the car, and walked through a dozen “GHETTO” neighborhoods.  Want to know who I spoke to, and where I got most of my information such as rental rates, crime in the areas, school locations etc?? From the same people the media told me to avoid.  As an investor, the very best places to get your data is directly form the source.  God bless them, but I hate real estate agents.  I find more deals on my own, than all the agents I know combined.  It’s called the hustle.  If you want to know, ask.  If you want to see, look.  If you walk through life believing everything you see on TV, read in the papers, or hear from others, you’d probably wake up each morning scared as hell and want to drink yourself to oblivion and avoid life because media sources THRIVE on pushing an agenda, and 99.99999% of the time, it’s not my agenda nor an agenda that will take me anywhere other than the bottle.

By the way, the real estate opportunities in DETROIT are UN REAL, and some of the best deals I have ever SEEN!!!! But please folks, listen to CNN, STAY AWAY form the GHETTO!! (the more you run away, the more deals there are for me!!!!  🙂  

Check out the links below to see what the media says when they want to be sort of nice!