The BBB (“Better Business Bureau”)has been LYING to American public, stealing from businesses since 1912, and has EXTORTED thousands of dollars from companies across America!

I am a business owner that has been paying the BBB for my so-called A rating for some time now.  I am not a competitor looking to damage a rival, someone looking to rant and rave or a business that has a poor rating and is complaining.  I will however say that I’m pissed off that this SCAM of a company is getting away with EXTORTION and no one is talking about it..

Consider these FACTS:

1. The BBB openly admits when they receive a complaint about a company  they might “refer to another appropriate organization for handling”.  The BBB will take a complaint or other communication from a consumer regarding a business and pass that to someone else?  Since the BBB is the one reporting to the public, taking MY money as a business, why are they not doing this themselves, and who are these “organizations”?

2. The BBB charges hundreds, often thousands of dollars to companies across America to have their little BBB logo on their website or on their storefront.  Think about this for a second.  The BBB represents the following on their website, “BBB is the authority on trust in the marketplace.  BBB sets and upholds high standards for ethical marketplace behavior.”  Is telling the consuming public that a company is “Good or Bad” based off some unknown crazy mathematical standard, seem like a high standard?  If the BBB was FAIR, ETHICAL and TRUSTED why are they running a company that is in essence forcing American companies to pay them thousands of dollars or else they will not “report them in good standing”!  Does the word EXTORTION come to mind?

*This next comment is about my personal experience with the BBB.  Yes I’m pissed as you can tell, and yes the “system” is screwed up but I am keeping in line with FACTS regarding the BBB & how they work.  It sounds like I’m just a ticked off consumer, THATS BECAUSE I AM!

3. My company has done over 10x the business transactions than some of our competitors, yet the BBB now wants to “downgrade” my rating to a B+ from and A because someone complained to the BBB that we did not reply to their email fast enough, and according to their “mathematical calculation” that’s the way it is?  I have done almost 4,000 transactions, and have had less than 15 people ever contact the BBB about us.  A direct competitor of mine here in Utah currently has 236 complaints and does about 1/3rd of the business than we do, yet they have an A rating with the BBB?  Now the BBB will tell all of us that rating “is what it is” because they take into consideration what color underwear they wore the day they reported, how close we were to a lunar eclipse, if the Yankess won or lost that day, and if McDonald’s forgot to take the pickles off their BigMac…  Does that system sound correct, fair, unbiased or ethical?  THEY ARE NOT COMPARING APPLES TO APPLES AND TELLING THE TRUTH!  If they are, why would a company with more sales and less complaints have a lower rating than a company that had less sales and 19x the complaints??!!

The reality is this.  The BBB is supposedly telling the American Consumers who is good, and who is bad based off their “rating” system.  It’s a flat out joke when that same company (BBB) then comes to the business it’s reporting on and NEGOTIATES WITH THEM FOR A PRICE ON HOW THEY CAN BETTER THEIR STANDING, AND BETTER THEIR RATING!  Thats about as good, honest, fair and trustworthy of a business practice as me smashing up my car, fixing it then paying the guy over at CarFax $100 to just hit the delete button on my wreck so you can have a squeaky clean report on my car….

I suggest we change the name of the BBB to the following: CROOKS NO BETTER THAN WALL STREET…